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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hamantaschen Kits 2014

Due to popular demand, after being sold out last year, the Three Tablespoons Hamentaschen Kits are back!

Even if we're still deep into winter freezing our bones, this year, Purim will take place on March 16, so for once, I'm planning ahead!

The updated version allows you to use the kit for making your own hamantaschen, or to gift them as mishloach manot (food gifts, traditional of Purim). Since all the ingredients are pre-measured, all you have to do are the fun parts: mixing, rolling out, cutting, filling and baking with no mess! A great activity for adults and kids, that honors tradition in a fun, modern way.

The resulting hamantaschen aren't only delicious, but also free of gluten, nuts, eggs, bad fats, loads of sugar or refined flours. The filling is made with organic berries, a touch of pure maple syrup and is charged with chia superfood. 

Plus, the kit is an activity set as well. While dough chills and cookies bake, the kits come with everything you need (child and adult friendly) to decorate the box for a beautiful and creative mishloach manot.

Each Kit Contains:
- Dry cookie mix (premeasured)
- Pure maple syrup (premeasured)
- Olive oil (premeasured)
- Cookie cutter
- Berry-chia seed filling
- Mini chocolate chips

- 1 fruit
- Decoration materials
- Baking instructions

Price: $35.00* per kit that makes about 2 dozen cookies

*Delivery and shipping fees may apply 

Please place your order by February 23, 2014
email me at